Map of Platt Park


The Platt Park Neighborhood started out as the Town of South Denver within the boundaries of the Platte River east to Colorado Boulevard and Alameda Avenue south to Jewell Avenue. Originally formed to restrict the creation of more saloons and road houses, the Town of South Denver was annexed to the City of Denver in 1894

A sizeable Dutch community settled in the West University neighborhood and established the First Christian Reformed Church in the Platt Park neighborhood. The church was dedicated in 1908 and still stands at the corner of Colorado Avenue and Emerson Street.

It’s now bordered by Broadway on the west, South Downing Street on the east, East Mississippi and Buchtel Blvd. to the north and Evans to the south and includes South Pearl Street culinary destinations and South Broadway shopping.

South Broadway is the place to go for antique furniture and eclectic, original home décor and South Pearl for upscale Japanese cuisine and to consult with various Wellness professionals. There's also a great liquor store there.

Food & Drink

South Pearl Street

South Pearl Street's main draw is these two widely renowned Japanese restaurants, started by chef Toshi Kizaki in 1984

Sushi Den

1487 S. Pearl Street

Izakaya Den

1487A S. Pearl Street

South Broadway


1294 S. Broadway

La Chiva

Homey and festive Colombian restaurant serving tasty fare made from family recipes

1417 S. Broadway

Palenque Mezcaleria

Just walking in put a smile on our faces! 

13 E. Louisiana Street


Crimson Rose Masquerade

1456 S. Broadway

Tim Burton meets the Renaissance Fair and explodes in a blend of romantic and macabre masks and women's fashion

CLP Jewelry

Affordable handmade jewelry, apparel accessories, and gifts

1464 S. Broadway

20th Century Interiors

Mid-Century Modern Antiques

1460 S. Broadway

Watson & Company

Ecclectic collection of home furnishings and décor, gifts and accessories with a theme of  American art and design

1524 S Broadway


Ecclectic collection of home furnishings and décor, gifts and accessories with a French provincial influence

1824 S. Broadway

Doggie Delights On Broadway

Anything you could want for your dog

 1432 S. Broadway

Pearl Wine Company

A copious selection of wines and spirits tastefully displayed by world regions 

1886 S. Pearl St.


Crimson Rose Masquerade

Adventures in Platt Park

Platt Park is like a “Tale of Two Neighborhoods”. Olde South Pearl, which most people know as the location of the Sushi Den,  is also home to a multitude of health and wellness studios, boutiques and coffee shops. South Broadway brings a totally different vibe. It seems to be a hotbed for new breweries doing exiting things, as well as offering a heavy dose of Latin-inspired cuisine and cocktails. Throw in a few tattoo parlors and antique stores and you have your backdrop for a very amusing and interesting adventure.  

Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina

We stopped in for a quick bite and a cool drink; the place is bustling with the lunch crowd…Oh its Taco Tuesday and they have $1 tacos!! Most of the people enjoying lunch look like they are from the neighborhood, has a little edgier feel than what you will find on Olde South Pearl.

Yippee!! $1 tacos for everyone.

Black Tulip Antiques LTD

How in the world does anyone find anything in this place? We almost lost each other! The owner is very friendly and fully hidden behind a wall of antiques just to your right when you walk in the door. Neither one of us are experts but the prices seemed kind a high to us. Brush up on your bartering skills before entering.

Crimson Rose Masquerade 

This is the coolest store, full of handmade masquerade masks that are truly pieces of art. Some a little spookier than others (a few reminded us of characters in a scary movie) but they are all beautiful. Who knew this little gem of a store was here! We strongly suggest you check it out next time you're in the area. 


Watson & CO

We both loved this place… lots of merchandise and easy to see. They have a sister shop right next door with prices that are a little more reasonable.

CLP Jewelry

Beautifully crafted jewelry from a local artisan. Ilona purchased a skull necklace to match her skull tee shirt!

La Chiva

Yum we both enjoyed this restaurant serving authentic Columbian food. Carlos chose to go with the Sopa del Dia on a 95-degree day which is why he needed a Mojito to wash it down. I tried the Vegan Arepa and I too needed a Mojito! Staff was friendly and food was great.

Palenque Mezcaleria

One of our favorite finds… Fantastic bartender (a local, nice to see one of those around town) and she made a great Mezcal cocktail. We each had a few Orange Crushes. Inside is cozy and the patio is set up to accommodate large parties of friends and family.


Meet Shawna our bartender... stop in and order an Orange Crush w/ extra cinnamon on the rim.

Dos Luces

Another great find on our adventures on South Broadway, all GLUTEN FREE brewed options using old school traditions. Not only is it fun to do the full tasting but it’s super interesting to learn about the style and processes behind them. Carlos was not too sure about these, but I thought they were all interesting, beware Pulque’s are sour and pack a punch.

So we are not going to spend a lot of time on Olde South Pearl as most of the city is aware of the 3 successful restaurants that Chef Toshi Kizaki has on this street. Sushi Den has been on Pearl Street since 1984 and has long been recognized as one of the best if not the best sushi in the City. What we didn't realize until walking down Pearl Street and really paying attention to what was in the old houses and commercial buildings is all of the self-help, holistic doctors and wellness centers.... There are a ton!

Always having an interest in the afterlife, Carlos and I went to see Shane Sale, an Intuitive Body Worker/Psychic and Medium. While my session was interesting, I was a little disappointed that my dead people did not really want to talk to me.  I think I have watched too many Tyler Henry episodes!! Carlos, on the other hand had a very different experience; there was a very strong presence of what Shane referred to a Shaman in the room who had close ties to Carlos. 

The Ruffly Rose

Is a quaint flower shop in an old Victorian house situated near the corner of Iowa and Pearl. They offer beautiful fresh arrangements for any occasion.