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As Dr. King wrote from the Birmingham jail in 1963 , “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” We must still do so much better. And we must take a stand. Black lives matter.

Hoods is your neighborhood matchmaking service.

Your home is more than where you sleep; it's the anchor to your community. Where you stop for groceries and flowers and a glass of wine before dinner, where you meet up with your friends — where you live your life. 


Our approach to Real Estate is to focus on Community


Finding the right neighborhood for you. A place where you feel at home, whether you're working out at the neighborhood rec. center, taking in the latest installation at the art gallery down the street or  on your couch watching the game with friends. You're part of a community, at home in the city.

It is not about how many houses we've sold and our current listings; it's about exploring different communities and how they may align with you, personally.

Our blog posts are designed to give you an insider look at Denver neighborhoods and to be fun:, not to present market statistics. We can get those to you in a flash, though. Be sure to check out our Instagram page as well.


"Ilona was a trusted advisor once again in the purchase of our new home. This is our 5th transaction with Ilona and we remain as pleased as we were with her for our first purchase many years ago. Her level of service and commitment to us as clients hasn't changed despite her continued growth. She was honest with us when considering the most appropriate offer and was always clear in her interactions with the seller and other related parties. We were able to buy under asking and obtain the best possible outcome for our family. Her professional knowledge of construction, the downtown market, and complex transactions was invaluable. We highly recommend Ilona. "

Joe S and Heather K, Condo Buyers Denver CO

"We are fairly straightforward people and know exactly what we want, and Carlos provided that for us! We didn't look at any homes that didn't make sense, and he was available at the buzz of a phone to take us to see places as they came on the market, which was critical in finding the Right Place. In fact, the home we found went on the market at noon, I was notified at 12:10, and Carlos was showing it to us by 1pm. That allowed us to put in the first offer, and it was accepted immediately. Now we have a home...... He was also very helpful with knowledgeable comments when we were looking at homes that were overpriced or badly designed - appropriate eyebrow raising is a much-needed skill in an Agent to help you to not buy A Dog. Carlos is the exact opposite of the Agents we've previously dealt with - he listened to what we wanted, he was diligent and timely in helping us find what we wanted, and then a perfect gent helping us get settled after dealing with all the annoying paperwork and details with or for us. If home buying was always this easy, I'd do it as a hobby."

Myles C, Condo Buyer, Denver, CO


"We are over-the-top impressed with Ilona's service, AGAIN. Ilona is professional, knowledgeable, smart, and kind. She has been in the business a long time, so she knows all the ins and outs. Ilona always allows us to choose what is best for us while giving us the information necessary to make an informed decision. For the reason, she is great at making her clients feel empowered to do what's best for them while also helping them to make the right decision. We will use Ilona again and again and highly recommend her to anyone else!"

Wade and Micaela K, House Sellers, Denver


"Carlos made every step of our home-buying experience better. He was knowledgeable
and patient, always willing to show us the next home if something wasn't fitting with
our needs. Best of all, it never felt like he was pushing a home on us for the sake of
selling one. He was frank and honest about a home's value and pluses/drawbacks.
During a stressful, involved home search, he was a reliable source and a calming, grounding partner. Thanks so much Carlos!"
Ryan V, House Buyer, Denver, CO

"We highly recommend Ilona once again! Under a very tight timeline due to an existing offer on another property, Ilona worked to showcase our house in the best possible light, with great photography, listing details, and outreach. We were able to sell for above-asking with multiple offers in just a few days and under the exact conditions we needed for a smooth transition to our new home. She was always quick in her responses, professional in her outreach, and clearly working to our advantage."

Joe S and Heather K, House Sellers, Denver

"Carlos is an absolutely outstanding real estate agent and person. Throughout our extensive house search, Carlos was helpful and supportive. He was honest with us
and we truly felt he had our best interests at heart. I truly believe he is the reason we ended up with our dream home. We love Carlos!"
Matt B., House Buyer, Denver, CO

"We can’t recommend Ilona highly enough. In the course of several months, we both bought a house (for the second time) and sold a house with Ilona. She is a very knowledgeable agent, extremely responsive, and very easy to work with. She gave us good advice along the way and always made herself available even when out of town. We would have no reservations about working with her a fourth time. Thanks Ilona."

Adam and Lindsey R, House Sellers, Denver, CO

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